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How to Integrate WordPress and a .Net Web Application on IIS7

I have a hard time recommending a .Net blog engine that is comparable to WordPress in features, ease of use, cost and polish. Frequently I’m recommending to clients who have .Net sites that are looking add a blog to just add WordPress. This will usually require the .Net site has some complexities that aren’t easily transferable (i.e. It’s not just a corporate informational site with static content that is easily transferable to WordPress all together) and that you will have reasonable control over the server environment (no cheap shared hosting environments headaches). I’m going to be attaching a blog to the APS Job Board which is a little project we are running to keep the people of Chicago (and the US) employed or employed with jobs they actually like. It’s built using the latest and greatest for Microsoft web development (SQL Server, MVC3, Razor layouts, etc.). I poked around looking for some good blogging open source goodness with aspNet MVC3 and the options just aren’t there or mature enough in my opinion. *cough* WebFunnel *cough* A big benefit of doing it this way it to keep the traffic with your blog and your website integrated. You want to avoid having […]

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UnGoogleable Gitx Error – Commit failed – Could not create a tree

Ok, part of entering the blogoshere was that it would become my penance for lurking on the hundreds of other blogs and online resources that helped me solved countless errors and programming time sinks. I was rather enjoying my day off until I decided to be productive and see if I could identify why this error popped up when I was on a client site this week. Just to prove I broke Google: I still haven’t got to the root of the issue, but my development environment is on a Mac, Snow Leopard 10.6.6, and GitX 0.7.1. The work around was to clone the remote repository on Github again locally, or to simply copy and paste the working directory in finder. The duplicate directory doesn’t encounter this error on commit. Hopefully someone will find this and it will save them some time down the road … If I can help but one lost programming soul a couple of hours, then all this blogging fuss would have been worth it.

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Recruiter’s role in a freelance economy

I’ve been doing a lot of business development lately.  A large portion of my day is sifting through requisitions, websites, and resources to find suitable work – preferably work that is aligned with my goals as a small business owner.   There are lots of considerations such as rate, the industry, and potential for long term commitment that come into play.  I’d much rather be working on a project and coding with my colleagues, but it comes with the territory when you run your own web firm.  It’s tedious work, but considering the alternative such as paying a sales guy, or using a recruiter – it’s currently the lesser or evils. I’ve always avoided recruiters.  On my list of least favorite things they rank slightly above offshore web development and toll booths.  The idea of someone getting 30 percent (or more) of my compensation when they typically don’t know much about my field is difficult to stomach.  My favorite recent quote in dealing with a recruiter after I inquired about their take was, “We don’t discuss percentages with talent”.   Really?  You would think the potential to make 30k on a single connection would be worth more effort than that.  In my […]

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Hello World!

Well the unthinkable has happened. APS has entered the blogosphere. After over a decade in web development and the crushing pressure from peers and colleagues “we’ve” decided to contribute the insights, successes, tidbits of knowledge and trials and tribulations of running a small web firm in Chicago. By “we’ve” I mean most of the responsibility will fall on the sole proprietor (Mr. Abbott) (until APS can afford a social media minion full time!). Social media isn’t unlike most other human socialization – it’s most successful for those who have the personality and acumen for it. I’ve always been an introvert with a one track mind that likes to focus on complex problems – hence the career in programming. Despite this crippling handicap I’ve decided to take a lot of the advice I’ve been giving clients and take an active role in marketing. We’ve actually had some outstanding success in this area for our clients so it’s time to practice what we preach. I just rebooted the website design for the third time in 2 years and chose WordPress as the blogging platform of choice. All content management systems are evil in there own way but I’m navigating my way around […]

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