Website Design

Website Design

What makes great website design?  Like many things this answer is always relative to the objective you are trying to accomplish.  In web design, the type of web site you have usually dictates your priorities to achieve a great design.  If you have a lot of information to share then layout and organization can be your greatest ally in design that makes your site successful.  If you are running an online advertising campaign then you want your design to grab attention.  If your website pleads visitors to support a cause than your design should provoke emotion.  Whatever your objective the one thing you always need in common is to have the right talent to execute your vision.  Not all talent is universal to your objectives so it’s important to have options.  APS provides truly unique website design for your money.  Our website design services specialize in providing fully custom graphic design and layouts.  You can have confidence your customers are being treated to a unique online visual experience.  Our design services include:

  • Website design and layout
  • Highly creative brand marketing including logo and identity design
  • Multimedia design including Flash development
  • Print design (Business cards and brochures)
  • Internet marketing (banner advertising, email design)

APS has designed for many different websites, online applications, email campaigns, and industries.  This work includes portal development, Customer Relationship Management applications, rich content management systems, e-commerce web sites, social networking sites, forums, blogs and more.  Take a look at our client section to learn more.

APS is not a website development chop shop. There are hundreds of readily available pre-designed website services, and thousands of templates to choose from.  If cost is your highest consideration we highly recommend reviewing these templates yourself.  Quite often website companies are just reselling these packages without your knowledge, labeling the work as “custom design”.

At APS we charge flat hourly rates for design work, just like all of our other services.  We have a vast network of contracted designers, each with their own design aesthetic and talents.  You are able to review their portfolio.  All work is quoted for free, and you’re able to review a statement of work before making a decision.  In addition to our web and graphic design services, we can provide you with a professional content writer.  The quality in your website’s written content can be a distinguishing factor between you and your competition. Nothing is quite as eye opening as seeing the confirmation of improved writing in your conversation rates.  Quality communication engages your customers, persuades them into action, and can dramatically effect websites effectiveness and profitability.