Ok, part of entering the blogoshere was that it would become my penance for lurking on the hundreds of other blogs and online resources that helped me solved countless errors and programming time sinks. I was rather enjoying my day off until I decided to be productive and see if I could identify why this error popped up when I was on a client site this week.

Gitx Commit Failed Create A Tree

Create a tree? That's easy ..

Just to prove I broke Google:

Broke Google Gitx Commit Failed Create a Tree

Thanks Google, for nothing ...

I still haven’t got to the root of the issue, but my development environment is on a Mac, Snow Leopard 10.6.6, and GitX 0.7.1.

The work around was to clone the remote repository on Github again locally, or to simply copy and paste the working directory in finder. The duplicate directory doesn’t encounter this error on commit.

Hopefully someone will find this and it will save them some time down the road … If I can help but one lost programming soul a couple of hours, then all this blogging fuss would have been worth it.